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Driver Booster installs unwanted background bloatware

Started by acsi, January 21, 2019, 03:42:11 AM

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First off, thanks for developing PatchMyPC, what a great app!

I've used a lot to install a lot of apps, and among those IObit's Driver Booster, about which I'm writing.

The thing is that this app installs unwanted bloat/adware and I would like to report this in case there's something to avoid this in the installation process. It will be detectable right after setup as it installs a new process called "PubMonitor" which points to a "PubMonitor.exe" executable file. I usually kill that process and remove all the files listed in the Pub directory you can see in the screenshot attached.



I do agree that this program does install unwanted stuff, this part is installed to keep track what you do and probably alot more.
I uninstalled all programs adding such spyware and constant nag to buy the stuff like iobit does.
Worse is that it keeps nagging you even if you bought a year subscribed usage, however then you get constant nagged about buying any and all of their other products.
Well buying them ... yearly payements. So i like to warn all if you do mind those nags and spying: do not to use it.
However i want to point out that every large company these days make use of spyware.
No matter what you use, for example micro$oft especially with win 10 but lately also in win 7, intel with many driver related stuff, nvidia, adobe,  has added multiple spyware programs.
I can go on for hours and even can explain want most do as well.
But many things are even hidden from our views because if you use a modern motherboard ( especially from the latest z series onwards ) they have added so called security hardware which is sold as software & hardware but fact is that stuff is not doing anything really against virus/trojans its pure to see and check what you use and do.
M$ goes even further and controls now what you type or do and sends it to their servers, this palladium based platform (hardware&software) also includes protecting all the products of the large software firms and film industry.   

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)


Can you tell me what kind of app is this, and which purpose we can use this app for? because I also saw a discount on this app on Reecoupons, but after reading your post, I realized that it's a very useful app, but I have few questions about this app, can I do PM..?

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)



I haven't noticed that Driver Booster installs any extra stuff without asking. I have used it at least a couple of years or more.


I no longer use Driver Booster because of their nags. It's not bad software, but the nags are horrible. I now use "Snappy Driver Installer Origin" to update my drivers, and, I believe, I get better results than I would with Driver Booster. That said, Driver Booster is easy to use, while SDI Origin can be confusing for folks that do not have a lot of knowledge about computers and software. I do recommend SDI Origin. It's free, it offers ALL drivers (unlike Driver Booster), and does not nag you to upgrade or buy their other software.