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Apparently fixed by either Patch My PC as I've had no updates to Windows 10. I no longer have this issue.
Same issue here ... with all 6 of my PCs. Apparently an MS .NET error. I hope somebody is able to fix this quickly.
It still wants to download the file already installed ... see attachment
Thanks, Guys!
I noticed that Crystal Disk Info has been updated on the MajorGeeks webpage to version 8.8.2. Patch My PC was still showing 8.8.1. So I first used "Patch ..." to manually update. It did not. I went back to MajorGeeks and updated to 8.8.2. Again back to "Patch ..." and it showed an update back to 8.8.1 so I allowed it to do it, just tp see what happens. It reinstalled the outdated version 8.8.1. I still had the 8.8.2 installation file on my computer so I again ran that.

Please fix your problem. Things like this should not happen.
The free Backupper version is excellent. I back up my computer using the "Clone" feature. I rotate 3 separate external Hard Drives, one each day, and clone the internal drive, allowing me to go back 3 days if necessary. It takes about 30 minutes for the daily manual backup.  ;D

The AOMEI Partition Assistant (Free) is also excellent, and it will also clone a Hard Drive, but requires a the user to reboot the computer and clones the dish outside of Windows. It takes a little longer to complete the clone.

AOMEI's Free versions do not have all the features of their Shareware versions, but the user can do much more with these free versions than is allowed with similar free software from other publishers.
I'm going to guess that when Microsoft finally fazes out it's own version of Edge (which should be fairly soon), it will update automatically or update with Windows Update regularly.
I am one of those folks that want to download and install every update, minor or major, in order to make sure that the application has as few bugs as possible, but as davev indicates, others do not. It makes sense that those folks be given a choice to accept only major changes. Perhaps they could indicate this by checking (or unchecking) an Option box. Of course, this would not only mean the adding of another option, but a loop would have to be added to the program to keep PMPC from doing minor updates. I am not sure just how difficult this would be to the programmer(s), but it seems to me that it would be a fairly easy change. 
Still being developed and in Beta, the new application "Spydish" https://www.mirinsoft.com/ms-apps/spydish , now in portable form, is one I hope you will consider adding. The Major Geeks website has added this to their list. At this early stage, the developer seems to make changes to it every day and I (we) need something like Patch My PC to keep up. I have seven Windows 10 computers and it is difficult to spend the time updating them every day. Patch My PC helps in this immensely.
"Patch..." is reporting an update to Opera from version 68.0.3618.63 to 68.0.3618.91. The "new" version will not download. When I open Opera and check for updates, it finds none (from 36.0.3618.63). Thinking that 68.0.3618.91 is a beta, I go to the Opera Beta site, and I find that their beta is even older than the present "stable' version. The beta they want to download is 68.0.3618.55.

As Shakespeare said "Something is rotten in Denmark" or Sweden or Norway, wherever the Opera developers are.

This can be very helpful. It comes as a zip file, so I am not sure if you can handle it, but if you can, I'm sure many people will download it snd use it.
Please add Tixati in the "Sharing" category. . Thank you very much.
Apparently, KC Software has changed it's installation .exe which is now called sumo_lite.exe . For that reason or some other, I'd guess, it is not updating.
Open source software similar to Team Viewer. Team Viewer works well, but sometimes they think that I should pay for their software. Yes, I do have nine computers of my own, and I use it only to support those computers and my sisters computers. I am not a business, just a retired (that means no money) computer hobbiest.
Occasionally, when installing SUMo,  several other applications are scheduled for download and installation after SUMo. Unfortunately, SUMo runs immediately after installation and while the following downloads and installations take place. This is a minor irritant as frequently SUMo will report applications that will soon be updated as not updated.

My solution would be to make SUMo always installed last, rather than somewhere in the middle. Is this possible?