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I'm using the newest version of "PatchMyPc" and still got an problem with inkscape and blender
For some reason, PMP always show me (after scanning) older version of the application,which PMP assumed that they are installed on my notebook
Blender  -  2.92.0
I deinstalled both applictaion, clean the registry, ....
Nothing found.

a) Where does PMP looks for the version info.
    Maybe I can clean the locations
b) Is there a way to tell PMP not to show me this special version.
    I want to be informed about new version, so disable the app at a whole is not the solution :-)

Hi Omar

Problem is not, it is the newest version but the name of the file which is downloaded.
The filename should have the correct name!

And I have already disabled the app :-)

ThanX anyway
Hi Freaks

When select  Auslogics Disk Defrag for update, PMC dowloads a file "Auslogics Disk Defrag"
But this actual a version
Problem is, that version 9 removes a few of the option avaible in 8, so I don't want to install it.
So this incorrect information is crtitical

Hi Freaks
Just download and installed PatchMyPC and it's great

First, I set a few options, one of them is "Chk_Options_DownloadOnlyMode"
Starting the "update" and most of the applications are just downloaded ("Skip install")
But when "inkscape" is/was downloading, the unistall procedure of "inkscape" starts.

Oops :-\

Is this corret or a bug?


EDIT: Not wireshark but inkscape