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Same as HTTP status 403 - server understood the request, but declined to fulfill

Started by RusiIT, September 27, 2023, 07:59:05 AM

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Today I am seeing the error above ( 0x80244018) for updates coming from Patch My PC publisher.
We have been using it for 6 months with no issues and I personally did not make any changes. It could be an SCCM issue but if it is something with PMPC I would prefer to start there.
thank you,
Also, All the Updates from PMPC were updated on 9/26, usually the report has a few updates, this one had all the apps we have checked. We use an ADR to deploy them to a few test VMs, everyday.

Spencer (Patch My PC)

Hey Rusil,

Thanks for reaching out on the forum and apologies for the delay in response!

In order to get more details on the errors can you please send me the publisher log file bundle by clicking the "Collect Logs"  button under the General tab of the publisher.

You can email them to [email protected] and CC: [email protected]

Once we have the logs we'll provide an update via email!