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Script or action to overwrite a Patch My PC default behavior?

Started by Jalouis, July 14, 2023, 03:58:53 AM

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We use Patch My PC for third-party application patching. One of the applications requires some additional configurations beyond the basic install/update script from Patch My PC, so we use some custom install/uninstall scripts.

Everything works fine regarding the install and uninstall, but each time the application updates to a newer version, I need to manually change the Deployment Type's Uninstall string in Configuration Manager (SCCM), and also manually change the Detection Method.

Each time the application updates, those things will revert to the default definition used by Patch My PC. However, I want to use my own custom uninstall command and my own Detection Method.

I checked with Patch My PC and currently they have no mechanism to automatically change those, so I need to continue to do so manually.

Trying to determine if there's a way I could do this in some sort of automated fashion, possibly something like a Configuration Baseline or a Desired State Configuration. Curious to know if someone has done something similar and how they accomplished it.