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Add the Arabic language

Started by m-gamal, April 01, 2018, 01:17:47 AM

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ÏúÏ▒ϼ┘ê ÏÑÏÂϺ┘üÏ® Ϻ┘ä┘äÏ║Ï® Ϻ┘äÏ╣Ï▒Ï¿┘èÏ® ┘ü┘è Ϻ┘äÏ¿Ï▒┘åϺ┘àϼ ..

Please add the Arabic language in the program ..

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

Improving language support is one of the next big items we will be looking at for Patch My PC. It will likely take some time no current ETA.