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Messages - Jake Shackelford (Patch My PC)

From that client device, would you be able to run the following script to export the install information from the registry? It will export a CSV file wherever you run it. GitHub

Additionally, can you send us a copy of the detection method script that is populated with the application?

If you could email this to [email protected] that would be fantastic.
If you configure blocking apps in your enrollment status page your device will ONLY install the applications designated and the rest will come down once the user is at the desktop and using the device. This is generally what I suggest to alleviate long AutoPilot times. More info can be found here: ESP
Check out the following article, farther down at the "Update in progress..." section

Manage Conflicting Processes

Is this what you're seeing?
We include the .Net Core hosting bundle for version 7 as a base application.

We previously removed these as updates since they were in the Microsoft Catalog like you had mentioned. I'll chat with our packaging team and see what can be done for the UPDATE side of things.
These should be in our next catalog release. We've also added additional checks for this app to ensure they don't get missed.
I would wrap this into a powershell script and append it as a post-script
Our Catalog team is actively looking into this one
If you could email the issue and the following logs to [email protected] that would be incredibly helpful! Logs to collect Additionally if you could run the following Powershell script on one of the client devices experiencing issues that would be helpful. Export Script It will export a CSV file wherever it is run of the Uninstall hive registry keys.
Fantastic we will resume communication via email! :)
Would you be able to send a copy of your patchmypc.log file to [email protected]? The hash appears valid.
At this time we don't allow interactive installers. With that being said Wireshark does NOT have a command line that allows for the installation of Npcap silently as it requires a license/validation. Generally we suggest deploying Npcap separately.
The first thing I would try is to stop the Patch My PC service and restart it. If that does not allow things to work you will want to look at getting the interactive service operation enabled.
Correct when I said clicking, I meant the option itself not the application I apologize! Additionally, you can't reset some of the settings like Command Line prompt or others, however those default to blank so simply clearing them out will give you the default.

For a full reset you can move the Settings.xml file located in the install directory of the Patch My PC publisher to another location and after reopening the application you will have a fresh slate. This would reset everything however.
Simply clicking them again will uncheck them. For the most part most of the options are either enabled or not. A few do give you the option of adding additional things like files/folders or parameters.

So uncheck the ones you don't want and then you would want to republish the app/update: https://patchmypc.com/when-and-how-to-republish-third-party-updates