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Intune Republish application

Started by dhwatts, April 30, 2023, 11:33:47 AM

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The publisher worked properly and created MS Edge 112.0.1722.64 for Intune, but I noticed I failed to check the "disable auto update" option. I proceeded to delete MS Edge 112.0.1722.64 in Intune. I opened the publisher made the proper changes and checked "Republish during next sync schedule". I then clicked "Run Publishing Service Sync" and received notification "✅ Intune Application Updated: Microsoft Edge 112.0.1722.64 (x64)". However the application doesn't appear in Intune. Below is what I keep seeing after running the sync.
*** Report :       
A total of 0 updates were published with full content, 0 updates were published with Metadata only, 0 updates were revised, 0 updates were expired, 0 applications were published into ConfigMgr, 0 ConfigMgr packages were updated, 0 packages were revised, 0 ConfigMgr applications were auto-enabled, 0 updates were auto-enabled, 0 applications were published into Intune, 1 Intune application was updated, 0 Intune updates were published, 0 Intune updates were updated, 0 Intune applications were auto-enabled, 0 Intune updates were auto-enabled.   
*** Success:   
No update was published.   
No update was revised.   
No update was expired.   
No application was published into ConfigMgr.   
No package was updated into ConfigMgr.   
No package was revised into ConfigMgr.   
No ConfigMgr applications were auto-enabled.   
No updates were auto-enabled.   
No Intune applications were auto-enabled.   
No Intune updates were auto-enabled.   
No application was published into Intune.   
****** Intune Apps Updated:   
Microsoft Edge 112.0.1722.64 (x64) was updated into Intune   
No update was published into Intune.   
No Intune update was updated into Intune.   

I assume the issue is caused by me deleting the application from Intune, but how can I fix it? I did check the Intune Update for Microsoft Edge 112.0.1722.64 (x64) so I could continue the roll out.
Thank you

Liviu (Patch My PC)

Hi dhwatts,

You were close! :)

If you need to make changes to an already published Intune App / Intune Updates you can either:

  • Delete the entry in Intune, right-click on the software in PMPC and make the config change. Then run a new PMPC sync.
  • Make the change in PMPC, right-click to enable the "Republish" option, run a new sync. Deleting the app will NOT be necessary.

In your case, I think running a new sync should fix it. If it doesn't, please open a support case with us.


I appreciate the response. I did just what you mentioned in the first bullet item and the app never showed up in Intune after the sync. I'll open a support ticket.

Thank you