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Microsoft Power BI Desktop 2.116.843 (x64) Failed - Hash errors

Started by rejohnson, April 24, 2023, 11:04:07 AM

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Been trying to get x64 version of the latest Power BI Desktop update but it keeps failing since 4/21.  The x86 version had no problems.

The hash of file downloaded is different than the file hash in our catalog. Hash errors happen when vendors release updates that aren't available in our catalog yet. This error should be resolved in the next catalog update. It could also have been induced by a firewall issue. Additional details: Downloaded Hash [/DYL1zWD3DbaLedXLJ3tYWZSppc=] Catalog Hash [3VzlskPbsURZj+UO/UiPwyiRWbQ=]

Kyle (Patch My PC)

This issue should be resolved now, following the catalog update today and your next PMPC Publisher Sync. Microsoft released a new version the day after our last catalog update for PowerBI Desktop. We were unable to get the latest version (2.116.884) into the catalog until today.


All good now, thanks.  Is there a noticeboard at PMPC where known issues are published or do we have to wait until someone either posts it here or we do that ourselves?  I'd rather see a post of known problems like this one so I don't have to hunt for it in the forums or post my question and wait.

Thanks again.

Liviu (Patch My PC)

A list of known issues can be found here:

For anything that is not on that list, we recommend opening a support case with us, and we'll hunt for a resolution for you. :)


Thanks for the link.  I found the "Known Issues" list at the bottom.  Mostly the "big stuff".  I think PMPC knew about the Power BI Desktop hash problem well before I posted, so a place where those "smaller" issues were noted would still save a lot of time.