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Please explain why there is no base installation for Adobe Acrobat DC

Started by rejohnson, December 31, 2022, 03:46:19 PM

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Why is there no base installation for Adobe Acrobat DC?  It installs pretty much the same way as Acrobat Reader, just a different msi.  We do appreciate the software update feature very much, but please explain why this particular application isn't available with the others.

Thanks in advance,

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

Today, we can only support single file installers, i.e. standalone .exe/.msi/.msp installers. The full installer of this software is a multi-file installer.

I understand there is an .msi inside the installation media, however I understand that depends on additional content. Even if the .msi didn't depend on extra content, today, we also cannot implement custom pre-actions to extract content within archived media before/during publishing.


I find this odd since we can easily package up Acrobat DC in ConfigMgr, just like any other app.  It would just be more efficient for our team to handle deployments via PMP and not have to split our Adobe workflows.  I hope you can figure it out soon.  At least we can update Acrobat via SUP, so thank you for that.