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Patch My PC email notices indicate which updates are targeting security vulnerabilities with a red dot.  It would be quite helpful if you would report on all of those on your website or give us the ability to report on available updates that target vulnerabilities via the Publisher.

Additional question:  How should one "manually update" the settings export?
The limited detection logic for Adobe Acrobat DC is also interfering with updates for Acrobat DC x64 and Acrobat Reader DC x64.  Both updates are considered required for a PC with Reader x64 which causes a conflict in ConfigMgr and therefore NO updates are advertised for Reader.  I understand that Adobe has made detection difficult by branding both Acrobat and Reader as "Acrobat", but PMPC is the creator of the detection scripts and should be able to differentiate the two.
Thanks for the link.  I found the "Known Issues" list at the bottom.  Mostly the "big stuff".  I think PMPC knew about the Power BI Desktop hash problem well before I posted, so a place where those "smaller" issues were noted would still save a lot of time.
All good now, thanks.  Is there a noticeboard at PMPC where known issues are published or do we have to wait until someone either posts it here or we do that ourselves?  I'd rather see a post of known problems like this one so I don't have to hunt for it in the forums or post my question and wait.

Thanks again.
I can report the latest version that was received here this morning shows version 112.0.1722.58.  The two .48 version updates have been superseded.
Been trying to get x64 version of the latest Power BI Desktop update but it keeps failing since 4/21.  The x86 version had no problems.

The hash of file downloaded is different than the file hash in our catalog. Hash errors happen when vendors release updates that aren't available in our catalog yet. This error should be resolved in the next catalog update. It could also have been induced by a firewall issue. Additional details: Downloaded Hash [/DYL1zWD3DbaLedXLJ3tYWZSppc=] Catalog Hash [3VzlskPbsURZj+UO/UiPwyiRWbQ=]
Unfortunately, just clicking does not uncheck all of them.  It just brings up the dialog window.  Some settings have a "reset" button, some can be blanked out, but not all.  For example, if a custom folder move was selected once, it can't be unchecked to go back to the default settings in ConfigMgr Apps > Options.
I find this odd since we can easily package up Acrobat DC in ConfigMgr, just like any other app.  It would just be more efficient for our team to handle deployments via PMP and not have to split our Adobe workflows.  I hope you can figure it out soon.  At least we can update Acrobat via SUP, so thank you for that.
We want to reset the configuration for a ConfigMgr App.  The right-click options show some settings are checked and we don't want those checked any longer.  What is best practice to start over?
Why is there no base installation for Adobe Acrobat DC?  It installs pretty much the same way as Acrobat Reader, just a different msi.  We do appreciate the software update feature very much, but please explain why this particular application isn't available with the others.

Thanks in advance,
We try to ensure that Acrobat Reader is installed on all PCs by advertising via ConfigMgr.  Prior to PMPC, our detection logic checked for either Reader or Acrobat.  PMPC only checks for Reader.  I understand I can create, modify or copy a different script but I believe that the default script should check for either version since Reader is already a component of Acrobat DC.  Or perhaps the default installer detection script should look elsewhere, such as the Intune app script you referenced.  We shouldn't need to work around what is an obvious omission.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is not needed if Adobe Acrobat is installed.  The application detection script for the Reader application should consider itself already installed if Acrobat is also there.