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Patch My PC email notices indicate which updates are targeting security vulnerabilities with a red dot.  It would be quite helpful if you would report on all of those on your website or give us the ability to report on available updates that target vulnerabilities via the Publisher.

Been trying to get x64 version of the latest Power BI Desktop update but it keeps failing since 4/21.  The x86 version had no problems.

The hash of file downloaded is different than the file hash in our catalog. Hash errors happen when vendors release updates that aren't available in our catalog yet. This error should be resolved in the next catalog update. It could also have been induced by a firewall issue. Additional details: Downloaded Hash [/DYL1zWD3DbaLedXLJ3tYWZSppc=] Catalog Hash [3VzlskPbsURZj+UO/UiPwyiRWbQ=]
We want to reset the configuration for a ConfigMgr App.  The right-click options show some settings are checked and we don't want those checked any longer.  What is best practice to start over?
Why is there no base installation for Adobe Acrobat DC?  It installs pretty much the same way as Acrobat Reader, just a different msi.  We do appreciate the software update feature very much, but please explain why this particular application isn't available with the others.

Thanks in advance,
Adobe Acrobat Reader is not needed if Adobe Acrobat is installed.  The application detection script for the Reader application should consider itself already installed if Acrobat is also there.
Just getting started with PMPC and we're not clear on when to use ConfigMgr apps and when to use SUP for 3rd party updates.  With Enterprise Plus, we can make everything an app and deploy basically the same way we've always deployed apps.  Is that best practice?  PMPC adds a ton of value by getting us the new bits and automatically creating/updating the application packages.  But that method doesn't seem as slick as deploying with software updates.