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Enhancement Request: Ability to include custom source files for pre/post scripts to call

Started by quackpatch, June 19, 2019, 09:02:36 PM

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Hi there,

We've started to deploy Java 8 updates in our environment and run into a pickle with custom files....

Our initial deployment includes copying config files into "C:\Windows\sun\Java\Deployment" eg deployment.config, exception.sites etc. however these are ripped out during the upgrade. Unless I'm missing something, I was thinking a "Copy custom source files..." option could exist within pre/post scripts which can be referenced by the scripts. I see there is an option to "Add MST transformation file" available to some applications, not for Java 8 unfortunately given its not an MSI installer.

We've obviously other tools at our disposal to do this, CI's, gpos etc but was hoping for a one-stop-shop solution.


Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

So you are just looking to include multiple files rather than just a single script file?


Both. A way to make external files available to the application and then use the script to process them.


Happy to side-line this. We'll instead be using a gpo and pre/post scripts. The drawback of gpo being immediately post install it leaves the application unmanaged, at least until next gpo refresh which could be 90mins by default; not ideal when it concerns security. To combat that we'll trigger the Pre-Update script to copy the required local files to a temporary location and copy them back in Post-Update.

Cody Mathis (Patch My PC)

We do have customers doing exactly what you are describing. They include files or folders, for Java such as configs and certificate stores, and then process them as part of the installer with the scripts.

This option is available in the 'Add custom pre/post update installation scripts/ right click option. Is this not working for you?