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PatchMyPC problem - not opening !

Started by mjbj, May 13, 2022, 11:50:15 AM

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Hello there !

I have a problem with PatchmyPC.  It's been working fine up until recently.

Recently though, when I try to open it, no response at all.  The program doesn't even open now.

I've tried downloading the file again, but same thing.

Obviously some Windows weirdness.

Can someone tell me what steps I need to take, in order to repair it please ?

Thank you all, if at all able to help.


What is happening, and it is happening to me, for some reason the application is opening off screen. It shows up on the taskbar, but not in the live area of the monitor. I have had other programs that did this, but have been able to edit a config file to bring application back on screen. Unfortunately, all I have for PatchMyPC is a logfile that does not tell me anything, other than the program is working correctly.

Omar (Patch My PC)


I am using Windows 10, not 11. My computer did not pass the muster for Windows 11.