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Found an acceptable way of making it work: Take the Dell Command Update installer exe file from the Patch My PC install package, then use that exe's command line to extract it. Then using the extracted exe you can run this command line as SYSTEM with Config Manager and install for all users: DellCommandUpdateApp_Setup.exe /S /v/qn

You'll just have to create your own deployment package and not use PMPC's package.
Beginning with the latest version of Dell Command Update 4.7.1, the PMPC application is not properly installing during operating system deployment via MEMCM. The AppEnforce log shows a 0 exit code, but the app detection script fails to detect the install. If you allow this step to continue on error, the app shows as installed but doesn't actually work.

This may be related to 4.7.1 being a Universal Windows App now. Any solutions for installing as SYSTEM during OSD?