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FileZilla - Latest Version Not Recognised

Started by Richard, June 27, 2022, 04:56:53 AM

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This latest version of FileZilla is not being offered as an update:

"2022-06-01 - FileZilla Client 3.60.1 released"




Omar (Patch My PC)

We already have this update since it was released!


I've just had another look at this and can see that PMPC Updater is not detecting the presence of FileZilla on my PC at all (which incidentally is why the latest update is not offered).  It doesn't show FileZilla in the Apps list (but does in the Uninstaller list, as version 3.60.0).  I can confirm "filezilla.exe" is present at "C:\Program Files\FileZilla FTP Client" and FileZilla is correctly installed and runs fine as far as I can tell.  Any ideas?

Omar (Patch My PC)


I registered to report this very bug... but I only searched for an existing report after registering. :)

I've had this same problem for quite some time (I think for as long as I've been using PatchMyPC), and I keep forgetting to report it. The PatchMyPC installer does list the currently-latest version of FileZilla, 3.62, but it doesn't recognize that I have it installed. I've been using FileZilla for many years, in the default location of "C:\Program Files\FileZilla FTP Client\filezilla.exe", but the only I can "automatically" update it is to launch the app, have it recognize that it's not up-to-date, and download and install its own update.

Any progress on resolving this?

Thanks for the great auto-updater!