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Yes, I am sure I have no older version installed.

So, perhaps this is a problem caused by MediaMonkey then?
Another one solved, thank you very much!

Are you sure MediaMonkey doesn't have the same problem? The latest version is

Nope, only one installed each.

I already uninstalled the old version of 7-zip that way.

Yesterday I completely uninstalled PicPick, and then installed it again. But with no change.

Could it be there are actually remnants of newer versions installed?

When I reinstalled PicPick via PatchMyPC I got a message that a newer version is available.

Mediamonkey auto-updates as well.
For 7-Zip there were indeed two installations, and now that is solved.

For Mediamonkey 5 and PicPick I only see one installation.

Attached new screengrab.
7-zip, Mediamonkey 5 and PicPick are still shown as outdated, while they are actually updated.

This list began with 7-Zip, later joined by Mediamonkey 5 and PicPick.

See also attached screengrab.

7-Zip is not being updated anymore although is still shows red. Hence the line below states "Perform 2 Updates."