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Thunderbird download error

Started by LittlBUGer, August 29, 2023, 03:35:16 PM

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Just using the free version, going through my usual new downloads and updates on a clean Windows install, and noticed Thunderbird came back with an error that it couldn't download the file. The error is as follows:

Failed to get download information for Mozilla Thunderbird 102.15.0 (x64) Download URL: http://download-installer-origin.cdn.mozilla.net/pub/thunderbird/releases/102.15.0/win64/en-US/Thunderbird%20Setup%20102.15.0.exe

When I looked at Thunderbird's website, the latest release listed is 115.1.1. This is a large upgrade though and is only available currently as a direct download from their website and NOT as an upgrade from previous 102.x versions. The latest 102.x version listed is 102.14.0 though they say 102.15.0 will be available tomorrow, which is weird that you already had it programed to download today.

In any case, it's kind of a weird situation. If we just wait a day or two, then it'll probably fix itself. But then it's technically not the latest version since that's 115.x. BUT, if you make 115.x available, it will NOT upgrade previous 102.x versions of Thunderbird already installed on computers (at least not yet, that will come later they say). So... what to do?

So this is maybe more of an FYI than anything? Thanks for your help.