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Cisco Jabber 14.0.3 not available?

Started by MadsB, November 18, 2021, 01:34:13 AM

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It looks like the latest version identified by PmPC in the PatchMyPC.log file is 14.0.2, but our network guys want to update to 14.0.3.

I have added the CiscoJabberSetup.msi to the PatchMyPCRepository folder but I guess PmPC needs to do something before it is picked up and added to WSUS?

Any help would be appreciated.

Scott (Patch My PC)


We add new versions of Cisco products to the catalogue when they become publicly available for download.

From what I can see the current public version is 14.0.2, When 14.0.3 becomes publicly available we will add it to the catalogue

adding the MSI for the newer version to the local repository will not make our publisher publish the newer version as it does not exist in the catalogue.


OK, I guessed as much. Thanks for the very quick reply.

I will set up a quick package for the network guys to test on and wait until 14.0.3 is generally available to hit all workstations.

Again, thanks for the help.


hi, i use the search function quite regularly to help solve my prblems before starting a new thread
once awhile i will come across some threads that were very old. however, when i click on the thread the reply was it is not available
can i know how we can access the old threads?