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Desktop shortcuts

Started by MerlinTheGreat, September 06, 2018, 07:54:13 AM

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Thanks for this great software.
I would like to make a request for the update options.

One can select to delete the shortcuts after installation, BUT... the existing shortcuts also vanish.  :-\
Could you add the option to keep the existing shortcuts and only delete the new ones.
That way the desktop stays intact like it was set up by the user/administrator.  8)

This should be fairly easy to implement.

  • If the flag to keep existing shortcuts is set, do the following:

    • Just before the installation, check for an existing shortcut on the user desktop and the public desktop. If it exists, don't take the flag to delete the shortcuts into account.
  • If the flag to keep existing shortcuts is NOT set, do the following:

    • If the flag to delete shortcuts is set, delete the shortcut.