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These findings indicate that PatchMyPC in fact isn't actually "portable" since it writes in the registry...  :o  ;D

I found it!
In the registry there is this item:

In here you can find the options to exclude apps.
To disable the update of Handbrake you shoudl put the following in there:
Value: DisableAutoCheck_Chk_HandBrake Type: REG_SZ Data: 1
You could also add the following:
Value: Skip_Chk_HandBrake Type: REG_SZ Data: 1
and even:
Value: Manual_Install_Chk_HandBrake Type: REG_SZ Data: 1
This way Handbrake will be completely omitted from installing/updating

The reg file would look like this if you want to import these settings in the registry:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Normally it should be possible to rightclick and choose to not scan, autoupdate or silentinstall the app.
I don't know of an option to exclude an app via the ini file.
I don't even know where PatchMyPC keeps the settings for the rightclick options...

It might be handy though to have the option of excluding apps via the ini file.
Maybe by putting an exclamation mark in front of the app, just like the semicolon to not autoselect the app.
The exclamation mark is used in IT to NOT do/include some action, so it might be used NOT to install/scan for the app it is placed in front of.
That is a very easy thing to implement in PatchMyPC. Hint, hint, hint...  ;)
When starting minimized, the user interface goes wonky. Every time. (see attached picture)

I started PMPC minimized (shortcut) after which I clicked the taskbar icon to watch what it was/would do.
The scroll bar was missing and so were the buttons at the bottom to rescan or start the updating.
After ending the programm and restarting it in normal mode, the interface was ok.

Not an error that is lifethreatening, but still anoying.
Please look into that.
You can change the log location in the options part of PMPC.
Just click on the foldername under "Logging Options" and select a new folder location.
I found an older version of PatchMyPC, which still has the categories, on one of my usb thumbdrives.
I put this over the latest version on my internal drive.
In the ini file I activated the line "Chk_Options_DisablePatchMyPCSelfUpdater" to keep PMPC from updating itself to the newest release again.

I'm a bit disapointed that the app still does update itself, despite me activating the option not to do so.
Now I wonder: has this option ever worked?  ???
And what is the purpose of options if the app does not use them as should be?
General Questions (Free Home Updater) / Re: Downloads
February 28, 2023, 03:19:37 AM
You can find or change the downloadlocation in the Options under 'Download Options'.
It shows a folder with the word 'Cache' next to it, followed by the actual folder on disk where the downloads are put.
If you want to change this location, just click on the folder name and select a new location.
You might want to enable the 'Don't delete app installer files' too.
Apparently the portable version is not actually portable.
It writes info in the registry which is not portable behaviour.
Why isn't this info written in the "patchmypc.ini" file? THAT would be truly portable.
This can happen if OBS does the update itself and doesn't change the installed version number.
Might be that OBS just downloads and overwrites the files without further actions.
The solution might be to exclude OBS scanning in PatchMYPC, since it does update on its own.
In the registry there is an entry with settings for PatchMYPC.
You can find it in this registry location:
It has an entry to the path where PatchMYPC is installed and a subitem "Options".
You can check these options or delete them.
I just started Patch My PC and got a list of 9 apps that should be updated.
After I checked the versions installed, I came to the conclusion that all of the items were actually up to date...
So NO updates were necessary.  :o
And yet the updates were listed. Straaange.  ???
I already notified an moderator
I am authistic and now with the categories removed, I can't find my way in the applist anymore. :(
The categories gave the app structure, now that's gone.
I suppose I am not the only one with this problem.
Do as robwolfe suggested and give the user the option to use categories or just one big (unstructured) list.
Same problem here
Maybe PMPC could add a command line option to point to the ini-file you want to use...
Maybe PMPC could even ask for a name to give the ini-file when saving and then, like Justin Chalfant wrote, list the ini-files available and select the one you need.