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I do the major work now with UCheck free. Recommended me three updates PatchMyPC didn't and has categories. And allows you to install new software you don't already have on your system.
I often experience that updating Firefox and Thunderbird do not update the version number in the registry. So they continue to be marked as out-of-date.

I help myself by downloading w/o PatchMyPC and do the update manually.
Merlin makes a point.

I also recommended users who are not computer proficient to use PatchMyPC to install needed software. With the categories, it's easier to find out which software is available.
Sounds like a good compromise. Could be placed in options.

Another proposal - choose which categories you wanna see.
I always recommended PatchMyPC to people with low-level PC knowledge to keep their apps up2date and to install new software. Especially for these people it's almost useless now.
Please bring back the categories.

And lots of the 300 software packages are missing now. Instead of 30+ of them installed, now I only get 20+ listed.