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Love this software, I'm a sysadmin at a university and I've used this for a long time now.. 

I don't know if you are looking for ways to extend the program,  but if I was asked... these are the features I'd ask for.

* Ability to be called remotely and told to update just specific packages easily.  (I have patchmypc in the same location on all our machines..  I can call it using altiris for example with whatever parameters I want.   I'd would be fastastic to just be able to call it like: patchmypc.exe /s /patchonly "Adobe Flash ActiveX"  "Adobe Flash Plugin"  and have it patch just those items.    Flash is a good example of why this would be good.. weekly security patches, but we can't update everything across the board because we have machines with differing needs and purposes. (for example some machines must have specific versions of Java etc)

* Ability to be called remotely and told to uninstall a package.   You have an uninstaller tab anyway, and it's very handy.. but if I could tell it to do stuff remotely it would be absolutely brilliant.   I can package up an adobe tool to unstall flash, but it would be way faster to just call patchmypc something like: patchmypc.exe /s /removeonly "Adobe Flash ActiveX" "Adobe Flash Plugin"

* Ability to specify if a browser close warning is issued even in /s mode.   our academics are a tech illiterate lot sometimes.. and they will close patchmypc without reading it.. I'd like to be able to trigger a warning mode, followed 2 minutes later by force closing the browsers. something like:
patchmypc.exe /forceclosewarning 2min /patchonly "Adobe Flash ActiveX"  "Adobe Flash Plugin"   

* Same as above, except /installonly   to install one of the apps.. so:   patchmypc.exe /s /installonly "Paint.net" "AIMP"

That would be my wishlist, but as I said, I already thing this app is one of my favorite time savers.  I've recommended this to loads of folks now.

best regards