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Is it possible to use the free software "Patch My PC Home Updater" in my company

Started by UE, May 14, 2024, 02:12:20 AM

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I am very impressed with your free software, Patch My PC Home Updater, and recognize its excellence. I am also aware of your paid software, Patch My PC's SCUP Catalog, targeted towards enterprises. However, the features of Patch My PC's SCUP Catalog exceed our needs, and obtaining approval for paid software from my company is not feasible.

Could you please inform me if it is permissible for our employees to install and use Patch My PC Home Updater on their work PCs? Additionally, if there is a page detailing that using Patch My PC Home Updater in a work environment is allowed and free of charge, could you kindly provide the URL to that information?

Thank you for your assistance.