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Issues with apps installing Via OOBE/Enrollment Status Page

Started by Jack, August 04, 2021, 05:00:19 AM

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Good morning guys,

I'm trying to deploy apps during the first initials rollout of apps via intune, these are a mixture of Line of Business apps and Win32 apps

couple of the apps appear to fail during this process, I had a look at some documation and found that

"When deploying Win32 apps using an installation file with the .msi extension (packaged in an .intunewin file using the Content Prep Tool), consider using Intune Management Extension. If you mix the installation of Win32 apps and line-of-business apps during AutoPilot enrollment, the app installation may fail."

Is this still the case? It appears the apps install but I think the app is installed after retries of failed amounts, this is causing major delay.

Does anyone have any advise on this? I have tried to repackage the software as Win32 custom package but seem to have similar issues.

one of the log errors

"[Win32AppAsync] Win32 application workload thread is already in progress, aborting...   IntuneManagementExtension   04/08/2021 11:08:11   23 (0x0017)"

only other thoughts from previous experience when I used powershell scripts I would use -wait commands.

Does anyone have any thoughts on helping this situation, I have a mix of patch my pc apps and couple of customs. (Avaya Workplace XI)

Many thanks

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

Hi Jack

From reading Microsoft docs on this issue, it does sound like mixing LOB and Win32 can cause issues during Autopilot: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/intune/apps/lob-apps-windows


Thanks Adam, you are correct, I did read this before.

So I'm wondering if you package an app as Win32 one packaged as an MSI and one package with an exe. Would you run into the same issue of an app trying to use the same installer then erroring? basically I'm wondering how we can stop the process trying to stop two apps installing at once.

Many thanks

Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

I think you should be clear of the issue if you use purely Win32 apps, regardless of whether they're .exe's or .msi's.