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Java SE development kit/OpenJDK installing latest

Started by Robert Stein, May 21, 2024, 09:52:01 AM

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Robert Stein

We just started patching JDKs. Some users and app owners are reporting being switch from an LTS release such as 11 or 17 to 22 (or a newer LTS release such as 21).

One app owner admitted to telling users to remove the version folder and install to C:\Program Files\Eclipse Adoptium\jdk\.  Would this type of customization of install location cause detection to see latest release instead of a targeted LTS release?

Kyle (Patch My PC)

Hello there,

The Java content in the catalog includes pre-defined scripts that handle the removal of previous versions before installing the deployed version. You can view these scripts by right-clicking on the content in the catalog. Depending upon what version/catalog entry you are Publishing and deploying, the "latest" catalog entry will remove any/all versions and install the latest version (ver. 22 currently). The version-specific entries (8/17/11/21/etc.) will only remove previous versions of what is selected, IE., the pre-defined script for ver. 8 will only remove the older version(s) of 8 and install the latest version of 8, and so on.

Hopefully, that clarifies the Java content, but if you have further questions, please let us know.

Robert Stein

If I want devices to stay on the same LTS release (11, 17, 21) is the solution to only deploy those releases and not deploy Latest?