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General question about detection method

Started by altu, November 09, 2023, 02:07:54 PM

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We are trialing PMPC at the moment.
I now that you only use scripts as a detection method.

I do have some questions though:
If a certain version of an app is deployed as required, to a collection and the software is detected.
And then a new version is deployed also as required, will the new version supersede the previous version?
Is the detection method checking for a static version or will it check that the version is greater than or equal to?
Will the deployment of the previous app be deleted with a new version?

The use case:
For instance, Draw.io ...
If I deploy version 20.1 to a collection as required.
Then a new version is deployed, let's say version 22.1.
Will the deployment of the old version detect the new version as well or will the deployment of the old version be removed and only the new version will be kept?
Or will the new version supersede the old version?
This to avoid an old deployment to overwrite/reinstall a new version.

Hope the question makes sense to you...

Another question...
When an Application is deployed to a user, a PowerShell detection script for that Application is run as that user. But this is an issue as this is blocked for us.
So, how will PatchMyPC fix this? How will the detection method work if an app is deployed to users?

Another question...
If PMPC creates an application and we change the detection method manually. How will PMPC handle the new version? Will it still create it's own detection method.

It would be good if not always a script detection method would be used but for instance checking a file version for greater than or equal to, or checking the version by querying a registry key.

Priscilla (Patch My PC)

Hi Altu,

Thanks for your post. For your first question, we use the greater than or equal to check in our detection methods to prevent old versions of deployed software from downgrading later versions. Are you using our Publisher with ConfigMgr, Intune or both? If you're using it with ConfigMgr, are you also using the updates for third-party apps?

For your second question, a majority of our apps are system-wide installers. Those apps will install in the system context when deployed to the client. We do support some user-based apps and those will install in the user context.

For your third question, if you change the detection method to a published app when a new version becomes available, that new version will have our detection method.

I think it might be helpful to go over these questions on a call. Please use the following link to schedule a free call with us at your convenience: https://patchmypc.com/environment-review-call.