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Snagit 2023 23.2.3 (EXE-x64) update gives hash errors

Started by muja1913, March 25, 2024, 04:46:47 AM

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I recently noticed that i was getting an error when publishing the Snagit 2023 23.2.3 (EXE-x64) via SCCM.

Please refer attached.


Liviu (Patch My PC)

Hey Muja13,

This issue usually appears when the vendor releases a new version that isn't in our catalogue yet.
That isn't the case this time, as the latest version they released is the one we have in our catalogue too.

This can mean that you either get an installer with a different due to their CDN or it can mean a caching issue and the wrong installer is being downloaded.

Please open a support case to further troubleshoot this.
In the support case, please include:
1. The Patch My PC logs: They can be exported from the General tab within the PMPC Publisher console by pressing the Collect Logs button.
2. A screenshot of the hash of the Snagit installer. Manually download the Snagit Installer, and then run the Get-FileHash command to get the hash of the file that gets downloaded on the server hosting the PMPC Publisher.