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Understanding Updates For Apps Installed By User From Websites

Started by kotond, August 24, 2023, 09:49:54 AM

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Hi All.  New user here and I am doing the trial option of PatchMyPc and I had a question.  We use Intune in my environment and have around 5000 pc's.  I have done a report and found that around 250 have downloaded cisco webex meetings on their own from the website.  Several of them are outdated.  I just wanted to see what you all think is best practice for doing the update of that particular software and any other's I find.  In the publisher app, should I just go to the Intune Update tab, find the software and click on it and then right click it and for assignment, choose All Devices, and then do a sync?

Will that then make Intune run the Update for that software and on any machines that do not have cisco webex installed, it will do nothing and if they do have it installed, it will update?  Does making the assingment All Devices bog down Intune or our network?  Just trying to understand how this all works.  Thanks for any insight. 

PS. I don't need to also go to the Intune Apps tab in the publisher and tell it to add cisco webex meetings to my list of apps in Intune do I?  Since all we want is to update that app and not have it available for everyone.

Spencer (Patch My PC)

Hey Kotond,

Thanks for reaching out on our forum!

If you're only looking to update Webex and not make it available or required as an app, then you can just publish the update for Webex.

If you want the update to target all devices, then you can add that group to the Manage Assignments option!

All of our Intune Updates had requirement and detection scripts. So they will only install if the products are installed on the client, and if it's an older version of that product.

More information on the differences between Intune apps and updates can be found here:



Hi Spencer.  Thank you so much for explaining that to me.  I thought I had it understood but just wanted to make sure on here before I had accidentally installed the actual webex program on everyone's computer!  :) Thanks for the quick reply!

Spencer (Patch My PC)

You're welcome, and glad I could help! Don't hesitate to reach back out if you need anything else! 😊