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Support for enabling user uninstall for Intune apps?

Started by JoeH, August 01, 2023, 09:38:07 AM

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Microsoft has just released a setting that allows users to uninstall applications from Company Portal in Intune.  It is a per application setting, so I'm assuming that it will need to be added as a setting to the PMPC console.  Any idea when that might happen?


Andrew Jimenez (Patch My PC)

Hello, I believe we will support this feature in our next preview release. I expect some level of support for it by the end of the month.

Andrew Jimenez (Patch My PC)

Just to let you know, the code I saw checked in was only for the framework for supporting this feature. We won't have it in the next preview, but we are actively working on it!


Also waiting for this feature in PatchMyPC. Hoping that it will be released soon.


I would also love to see this feature implemented soon team, it's a daily task to go back & enable this available uninstall feature for all new apps published via Patch My PC, Thanks muchly.


While we wait, try this powershell script, appears to work well for the purpose of adding the available uninstall flag to new apps: