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Started by JImmy_O, November 13, 2023, 02:49:51 AM

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I was wondering about the ability to add Terraform to PMPC, i know it´s compressed but what if we users can help you get hold of the installer (terraform.exe)?
Is that doable or are there other issues or plans?

Hugo Marinho (Patch My PC)

Hi there Jimmy,

Seems that someone else already requested this about 1 year ago in our ideas portal:

And the feedback that we provided is that, sadly, it is not possible.

We appreciate your understanding.


Yes i know and i understand.
But what if someone provided you with the exe file, since the issue was that it was compressed.

Hugo Marinho (Patch My PC)

At the moment it's not possible, but be on the lookout as we will support Custom Apps in a very near future and when we do, you will be able to provide the .exe like you mentioned and always keep it up to date.