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Update Installation Order

Started by pwstrain, July 14, 2022, 02:42:27 PM

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Looking to deploy Microsoft updates (from MECM) in the same window as updates from PMyPC. Is there a way to determine what order those updates may install in?

Ben Reader (Patch My PC)

Unsure what you are referring to by "window" in this context, but the short answer is there is no way to structure or schedule the precise order of package or policy deployments in Intune.


Sorry I wasn't clear enough, this is on-prem MECM using Maintenance Windows to deploy updates.

Let me re-phrase.

When PMyPC update and Microsoft Software Updates are deployed with MECM with the same deadline, is there a default order in which those updates are applied?

Ben Reader (Patch My PC)

I'm not aware of any way to set priorities of updates - they would just be applied in a "first come, first served" model.