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Excluded and unticked update is still attempted to be published

Started by BobC, May 28, 2021, 02:32:51 AM

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We have recently moved away from using Teamviewer and I want to stop publishing the MSI versions as apps & updates.

I have unticked them and excluded from automatic publishing, and deleted the applications from Intune.

But the sync tool keeps attempting to publish the updates (but not the base install apps) and failing as I don't have the manual download (which I'm no longer entitled to have as we are no longer licensed).

How can I stop the sync attempting to publish these app updates?


Adam Cook (Patch My PC)

It sounds like you have auto-publishing enabled and this is causing the Publisher to try and automatically publish TeamViewer because it has detected it as installed in your environment. You can right click on TeamViewer and choose 'Exclude from auto-publishing rules'.


Thanks Adam, I do believe they are excluded from auto-publishing (see screenshot).


Just to clarify my last post - I had already excluded the items, as per the screenshot.  But the publisher is still attempting to publish them.