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Hi typc

I never got any answer to my question. But I found a solution with adding a registry key in my batch files:

reg add "HKLM\Software\Patch My PC\Options" /v Language /t REG_SZ /d German /f

So for French it would be probably:

reg add "HKLM\Software\Patch My PC\Options" /v Language /t REG_SZ /d French /f

Try this one and see if it works for you.

Have a nice weekend!


I'm looking where the application languages setting is stored - I don't see this in PatchMyPC.ini....?

Could someone help me with this?


I have Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection installed (business version) but it detects the home version "Malwarebytes Version". The update then failes:

01.06.2020 10:59:40 - 1 App(s) to install or update...
01.06.2020 10:59:40 - Download URL:
01.06.2020 10:59:41 - Download Path: C:\PatchMyPCUpdates\Malwarebytes
01.06.2020 10:59:41 - Download size: 164.55 MB
01.06.2020 10:59:41 - Download Starting for:
01.06.2020 10:59:49 - Total download time in seconds: 8.66
01.06.2020 10:59:49 - Malwarebytes Downloaded Successfully
01.06.2020 10:59:49 - Installing Malwarebytes Silently
01.06.2020 10:59:52 - Install Complete Exit Code 201

If I do the update manually (Malwarebytes it tells me that on this computer Malwarebytes product for Business is installed and it fails to update.

Could you please add the correct detection of Malwarebytes Home version? So I do not get falls detection on my business version?


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