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Messages - Cody Mathis (Patch My PC)

Appreciate the update.

Please let us know if you have issues once those additional changes are made.

Is your software update point remote from your Site Server? If so, there are additional steps needed in order to have the WSUS Signing certificate get transferred from your SUP / WSUS to your Site Server.

If your Site Server does not have the certificate, it will not be able to transfer it down to the clients and you will see the certificate chain errors as you've seen.

If you go to the location shown in the attached photo, do you see the certificate details populated?
You will want to create a new folder dedicated to storing the updates for the new Deployment Package.

The distribution of third party patches is handled in the same way that first-party updates to windows and office are.

It should not be located in your WSUS folders, but instead in a similar location to your Microsoft Updates. Whatever source location share you are already using for other things such as updates, applications, etc.

Configuration Manager will download the updates from WSUS, even if it is on the same server, and then process the content and put it into the folder specified as the source for the Deployment Package.
Hi there,

We just wrote a KB to address this issue.


Please let us know if this helps resolve your issue.

Hey there!

I noticed you mention 'then tell it there is no deployment package since these updates are stored within WSUS.'

This is likely the cause of your problem. The content being stored on your WSUS server just changes where Configuration Manager will download the content from when it creates a deployment package. For first party updates  Configuration Manager will typically reach out to the Microsoft Catalog and download the updates, putting them into the deployment package specified. For third party updates the content is downloaded from WSUS instead.

You will still need to download that content, and put it into a Deployment Package and distribute that out to your Distribution Points in order for your clients to perform a content lookup, and download the content from a Distribution Point.