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These rules aren't correct, here's a direct view from the catalog schema for this update. The only variable would be a possible SCUP issue in the import that lost some of our rules.

And, this:

Hey Bob,

I think I remember this in the past. This appears to be a SCUP bug. Our rules are not MSI only I would recommend reaching out to Microsoft on this issue. Our update always had the Program Files rules included.

Hey Bob,

Here's the logic for Goodsync. It would only be applicable if Goodsync files existed in program files for the software update:

Maybe it was deployed using an application?

Two years ago, we had an issue with GoodSync where it erroneously installed on systems that didn't have an existing version of the application. Essentially, it was an unintended deployment. We're now dealing with the same issue with GoodSync, and we're in the process of removing it from the 400+ systems. At this point going forward, we're 'blacklisting' the app updates for all versions of GoodSync and publishing them as metadata only. What is the source of this issue? Since this is the second time with this app, is it the app publisher that is the issue?

This should be available today or tomorrow. Thanks for reporting, AnyConnect is a little more challenging since it's licensed and requires some additional testing and validation compared to all other updates.


A couple of days ago our sync service has started requesting us to download version 4.8.03036 from some Cisco AnyConnect products we're syncing. On Cisco's website the current available download is version 4.8.03043.

Could you please update the catalog to reflect this latest version?

Thanks!! ;)

Thanks for reporting! We posted a new update and superseded the previous one. The new one should detect correctly and search in the 32-bit registry hive instead.

Update for Cisco Productivity Tools is not detected as applicable - the Value is found in WOW6432Node-Registry:

Code: [Select]
  <WSUS Generated MSI Installable Rule/>
    <bar:RegValueExists Key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" Subkey="SOFTWARE\Webex\Plugins" Value="buildnumber" Type="REG_DWORD" />
    <bar:RegSzToVersion Comparison="LessThan" Data="" Value="buildnumber" Key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" Subkey="SOFTWARE\Webex\Plugins" />

This error is probably being returned from your web proxy. I think it's the proxy that can't resolve it.

It looks like a DNS resolution issue on your end.

Thanks for the reply. This fails using both an ADR and when trying to download manually. Happens on every 3rd party update when trying manually. The IIS pool is started.

On your SUP site system, you can test disabling this option, and run your third-party update ADR?

You may be seeing this issue:

Is this correct? Not HTTPS and 8531? The error is "DownloadContentFiles() failed with hr=0x800701f7"

This is correct, is this failure in your console or when using an ADR? 503 is an HTTP unavailable error. in the WSUSPool running in IIS?

Sorry for the delay, we had an issue in our forum. Are you still seeing this issue or did you get in touch via support email?

Sorry for the delay, we've had an issue with the forum. Republishing will work for licensed products.

General Questions (Free Home Updater) / Re: Edit Pad Lite 8.1.0
« on: April 13, 2020, 04:12:16 PM »
Check the uninstall tab, there's older version info left over then.

We don't' force reboot it will be based on the exit code of the update.

Sorry for the delay, we had a notification issue on the forum. I believe this was answered via email?

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