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Done, thank you.

This is the default location and you can change it to where ever you want!

PMPC never downgrades, If v3.3.7367 shows in red then it means it's installed with the latest version you have and needs to be removed.

v3.4 is still beta, we only add the latest stable versions of apps.

That usually means that you older updates of Opera that aren't removed! 69.0.3686.49 and 69.0.3686.57
So make sure they are removed, and be careful because removing them might remove 69.0.3686.77 as well.

This usually means that you have older version still installed with the latest one!
Make sure that you don't actually still have v77.0.1 installed

They all are up to date now.

Sorry about this little typo, it's fixed now.

Anytime :)
Thank you for the heads up :)

So sorry about that! Cache problems!
It's fixed now :)

Opera does not remove older versions. When you remove them manualy they are still mentioned in the registry. I also had troubles with Opera and I fixed it by removing the entries in the registry. I posted the problem that Opera does not remove olver versions but I did not get an answer!

You should send this to Opera dev team because it's an Opera issue :(

Hey Stephen, sorry for the late reply :(
We already have the option to change the colors of Installed and Outdated apps, it's under Options > Visual Options
You can choose whatever color you want for them :) I hope this help

This usually means that you have older versions installed for these apps and Patch My PC still detects these older ones.
Check Uninstall Programs or IObit Uninstaller for older versions of these apps, and let me know if was the case.

Done, sorry about the delay!
Also note that minor updates for Firefox like this one are kind of better to be done from "Help-About" since they are usually around 2-4MB from there!
Instead of downloading the full installer for the latest version which is now ~50MB for the x64

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