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We just fixed this, sorry! 😁

General Questions (Free Home Updater) / Re: Ccleaner Portable Gone?
« on: May 14, 2022, 06:14:10 AM »
Yes we noticed, it's probably will be available later, we will update it once it's available :)

You are very welcome :) and thank you for the kind words :)

Hey there! Sorry about this issue, we will be fixing this in the next update of Patch My PC.
The workaround for now is: open registry, browse to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Patch My PC\Options"
And in "PortableAppPath" you can change the "Value data" which is the path to the portable apps.
But make sure that Patch My PC is closed first :)
Sorry about this again, and I hope this fixes the issue for now

Looks like they changed the download URLs, we have updated them to the new ones now :)

Fixed now, sorry about that!

Fixed now, sorry about that!


We will improve this in the next major Patch My PC update :)

You are welcome :)
As you can see this is always the vendor's problem for not making a smooth flawless upgrade for their software :\
Patch My PC just detects everything related to each software, that's why it detects some leftovers like this :)

Report Detection Issues Here (Free Home Updater) / Re: OBS Studio
« on: April 14, 2022, 07:04:17 AM »
It means you have older update of OBS Studio installed (27.1.3) with the latest one
You have to manually remove it from Add/Remove Programs

This is how the old Audacity installers were designed, they weren't replace the new update with old one! They were just install alongside it! Resulting 2 or more updates to be installed in the same time! But they fixed that starting from v3.1 as I remember..
So you just need to manually remove the old one v3.0.2 from "Add/Remove Programs" and it will not  happen again :)

This is fixed now.

This is fixed now.

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