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New versions of Glary Utils and O&O ShutUp10 have been available for a while but PMPC is not picking them up.  O&O SU10 is actually now 2 releases behind.  Any chance of updating PMPC pls?
Thx, j.
Hi, please can I request you update again, v9.5 been out a few days.  Thanks for the s/w saving lots of hassle updating programs individually.
Hi I get a failure from Nextcloud:

PMPC reports: "Failed to get download information for Nextcloud Download URL: https://download.nextcloud.com/desktop/releases/Windows/Nextcloud-2.6.2-setup.exe"

when I go the the nextcloud site & manually download it reports it's coming from https://download.nextcloud.com/desktop/releases/Windows/latest

is the '/latest' missing from PMPC?

thx, J
Are you trying to get PatchMyPC to stop it updating Teamviewer?  If so, what's wrong with right clicking teamviewer then selecting 'Disable auto updating of this app'?
Hi, my PMP is showing the current definitions for today.  A new release of MultiCommander v9.2 was made available just over a week ago.  Is there any reason PMP is not picking it up please?
Hi,  just asking if there's any reason why ultradefrag is not being updated pls?  I think there has been new version available for a week or so.
Ultradefra is showing as 7.1.1 as current but 7.1.2 has been released on sourceforge (I know Ultradefrag has released v8 but that is now commercial).
Many thanks, all good now.
Hi, i'm getting

Patch My PC | Definitions: 28-May-2019 | 28-May-19 21:35:03

Failed to get download information for balenaEtcher 1.5.41 (x64) Download URL: https://github.com/balena-io/etcher/releases/download/v1.5.41/balenaEtcher-Setup-1.5.41-x64.exe

Patch My PC Update Complete 28-May-19 21:35:04

thx, j
PMP showed that Wise Care 365 needed upgrading from v4.6.6 to v4.6.7 so i let it upgrade and it said it had done so.
I confirmed that Wise was running 4.6.7 from Wise itself & it is and Windows control panel says v4.6.7.
However PMP still says it needs to upgrade from v 4.67 - yes the missing 2nd point is what PMP says.  see screenshot.

great program, thx