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I was just going to request the same thing until I saw it already was. Classic Shell has always been a must have for me. I didn't even realize until today that it hasn't been developed since the end of 2017. But luckily some great people are continuing the software, rebranded as Open Shell, and it's pretty much the exact same thing but hopefully works better on newer versions of Windows 10.

Please, this needs to happen as Classic Shell refuses to re-configure itself on build 1809 of Windows 10 and probably will continue to do so on future revisions. Though, I don't know if Open Shell does the same thing at this point, at least development is continuing and will improve.

Just to note, I can second this, as is evidence of my earlier topic here: https://patchmypc.net/forum/index.php?topic=1503.0

Still happens as of latest version from today (Nov. 1st).

Hello again,

I don't know exactly which version this started with, but it was a while ago. Every time I run this software, I almost always expand the size of the window using the bottom-right corner. I like to see everything I can and it makes choosing software to install easier as I don't have to scroll as much.

The problem is the behavior changed and now the left pane (the list/checkboxes of software) does not automatically resize when the window is enlarged. It used to before and the right pane (where it gives the status of the Downloading and Installing software) still expands and works fine. But it's annoying as I can only see a small portion of the software list instead of a large portion (and thus less scrolling).

Again, just a minor thing, but I figured I would bring it up anyway as it worked before. Thanks.  :)
It seems like it is fixed. I've ran it 4-5 times (once on 4-5 different machines) and I don't recall it stopping at all. So thank you!  :)  If it crops back up, I'll let you know.

I'll create a new topic about the other minor annoyance. Thanks again.
The time when it stops is random, there's no rhyme or reason for it to happen, no specific program or anything. But, I can at least give you a list of the most common tools I install on most of the computers I work on:

Adobe Flash Plugin, Adobe Flash ActiveX, Adobe Shockwave, Java 8 (both x64 and x86), Google Chrome, VLC Media Player, 7-Zip, CCleaner, Classic Shell, Adobe Reader DC, LibreOffice, Mozilla Thunderbird, Paint.Net, AVG Free, MalwareBytes

I know, that probably doesn't help, but please let me know if there's something else I can do.

Also, a second but minor annoyance... Now when I enlarge the windows size (by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner), the window resizes fine along with the right-pane inside, but the left pane (the list of tools) does NOT resize. It stays whatever size that PatchMyPC opened in. It's minor as I just like to have more real estate to view all of the tools, but still, would be nice if it resized like it did before.

I've seen this problem several more times in the past couple of days. I can't seem to run it on any machine without it stopping, no matter what I do. I can leave the mouse still after clicking the button, or move it, turn off anti-virus, etc., it just stops randomly. It's becoming very annoying and I hope something can be done to fix it when you get a chance.

I'd be happy to help troubleshoot or give more information if needed.

Thank you.

I use the free version of PatchMyPC regularly and I've noticed a weird thing on the past few versions. Intermittently (randomly on various different computers) after it scans the PC and I select a few additional programs I want and click on the button to start the updates, it will proceed, but then sometimes, out of the blue, just stop after one of the program updates. It completes whatever program it was on, and then just stops, like I clicked on the Cancel Updater button, even though I didn't touch the machine (I leave the computer alone and let it do its thing while it updates). I've even had it do it multiple times in a row after I clicked start updates twice to restart it after it stopped.

I thought it was maybe because I was moving the mouse outside of the program window or moving it off of the main update button or something, but it doesn't seem to matter. It still happens at weird times, and sometimes on some machines, sometimes not at all.

Is there something I'm doing wrong or somewhere the cursor needs to be when updating so it doesn't get interrupted? It's annoying to start the process (which can take a long time depending on internet connection and number of programs selected), walk away or do other work without paying attention, and then come back and have it only completed 2 of 30 when it had plenty of time to do them all. I work on several computers at a time every day and want to get them out the door before more come in, so it's just the waste of time that bothers me is all. Otherwise, the software is awesome and I praise everything you do with it.  :)

Thanks for your help.
The problem with any portable application is that the file(s) can be located anywhere on the hard drive. This is different than an installed program which has information in the registry and elsewhere about where it's files are located so that it can be easily updated or removed. I don't think PatchMyPC will take the time to scour the hard drive to hopefully find the one portable app that you want to update and then re-download it to get it updated. That's too much effort and too many things that can go wrong, as well as making the whole process take far longer. I believe that's why no portable app is supported, but I could be wrong. Just putting in my 2 cents.  :)
Thank you.

Yes, I believe if you try to install the personal/home version on a Windows Server product, then it will want you to have the paid version as there is no free version for servers. But no problem, glad it was a simple thing.  :-)
That's not true at all. I've been installing AVG Free on countless machines for the past 3+ years and never once have I ever had to enter a serial number or an email address, for that matter. I do know that Avast requires a free registration using your email to get a license for a year, but AVG does NOT do this.

Where did you get this information, or the files from AVG? As I mentioned in my previous post, those links are good, or you can go directly to the website where they come from, which is: http://www.avg.com/us-en/download.prd-afh-free

I believe that FileHippo.com uses the same files for AVG Free, if that makes any difference.
Well, that's one way to fix it I guess, but is it not possible to use the 32-bit and 64-bit direct links from here?: http://www.avg.com/us-en/download.prd-afh-free

Which are:



Those are direct from AVG--full install files for the free version. It would be great if you could keep it in there but I understand if it's a pain for another reason.

Here's for the online-installer version (32 or 64-bit): http://files-download.avg.com/inst/mp/AVG_Antivirus_Free_692.exe

Thank you.

I'm so glad that you finally got the latest version of AVG on the list, but unfortunately, it's not the free version. When it gets to the install, it asks for a license number (for AVG Internet Security) but still allows you to continue if you select the free trial of Internet Security. This isn't that big of a deal, as once that's installed, you can go to Programs and Features in the Control Panel, 'Change' AVG and tell it to switch or downgrade to the Free version, but it's just extra steps and time when it shouldn't be.

Is there anyway this can be fixed? Thank you!
I've seen this on at least 5 different computers in the past few days now. Just wanted to let you know.

Ah, I see now, sorry I didn't catch this earlier. That is unfortunate. I hope that they do not start doing that for all of their tools.

I know in their forum they have a pinned and closed topic talking about slim builds, but it just says they will release the slim several days after the installer version. But this isn't the case in this situation, since this isn't a new version of Defraggler.

I know if you wanted to updated a currently installed Defraggler, you could just take the portable version and overwrite the files directly in the installation folder. But that doesn't work as nicely for a new install (though I guess you could create a shortcut to the files, but I'm not sure what else would be lost in the portable vs. installer).

Hopefully they change their minds and it comes back. Thanks.

Thank you for such a wonderful little program. But I noticed in the latest update that Defraggler has suddenly disappeared! I use this tool all of the time on computers I work on every day and Defraggler is one I always install. Is there something wrong with the latest version of the software or did Piriform ask to remove it (but not CCleaner) or what? Just curious as I'm sure there are others who would like it back as soon as possible.  :-)

Thank you.