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Title: *** Please Read | Application Request Moved - ***
Post by: Justin Chalfant on March 20, 2019, 08:48:30 AM
Please include the following details in the new product request for a new product. These details will allow us to analyze new product request more efficiently.

Important Update

All future application request should be created on the following website: Ideas Website ( This change is to use a platform that supports up-voting and better tracking of request products.

Requirements for New Products

1) Supports silent installation via command line
2) Install successfully under SYSTEM context
3) Public download URL for the offline installer (Note: some exceptions may be made for highly up-voted request as we can use the content repository feature ( for some licensed products.)
4) The products installer must be digitally signed
5) Please only include one product request per idea submission
6) Uses EXE, MSI, or MSP file download for the installer (No ZIP)

Required Details to Enter in new Product Request

1) Product and vendor name
2) Public download URL for the latest offline installer. A product whose download is behind a paywall is not supported
3) Download URL for an older versions offline installer (If Available)
4) Silent installation switch with "no restart" switch
5) Download page
6) Release notes page

Example Request:

1. Product: Notepad++ | Vendor: Notepad++ Teams
2. x64: | x86:
3. x64: | x86:
4. /S /norestart