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Advice needed on configuring Java with pre and post install scripts

Started by swoonhusker, October 11, 2019, 10:59:10 AM

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I'm setting up Java 8 update 221 as a base application and then will also setup the update rule, but I am hoping to get some advice from experts on here who have customized parts of the install with pre/post install scripts.

Here is what I have working so far:

-My post install script correctly changes the Java_Home environment variable.
-We manage Java exception sites with group policy.

Here is what I would like to figure out the best way to achieve:

-Our previous manual Java package (before Patch My PC) had us alter the baseline.versions file and change the revision number to one higher than what we downloaded. I'm wondering what is the purpose of this and is it necessary?
-I want to set some advanced settings in the Java control panel which include:
     -Mixed code security verification
     -Perform signed code certificate revocation checks on
     -Perform TLS certificate revocation checks on
-I would like to eliminate the Java expiration, messages about "do you want to run this application", and messages about "Java update needed"

Our old manual Java package had us make a lot of these changes in the deployment.properties file. I'm wondering if I were to update this file with a powershell script post install, would that achieve the same result or does something need to be done before install?

Please help me find the best way to achieve these. I would like to do them with a pre/post installation script if possible, but I would also be willing to use group policy if needed.

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

Hey There,

So these questions are mostly very Java and environment-specific, but you would be able to run any custom scripts to configure any changes you need for Java in your evironment.



I think I should have posted this in the enterprise section. Yea, I know you're right Justin. I was just hoping to see if anyone of the members has accomplished any of these items with a custom script in Patch My PC.