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Messages - Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

Hmm, I'm having no issues it must be something on your local machine blocking it try temporally turning of you firewall or antivirus and running it.


Quote from: robwolfe on May 11, 2012, 07:42:55 PM
I am using version on a Win XP pro computer. When I try to run PatchMyPC I get the error message  "Unable to load definition file from www.patchmypc.net. Internet connection is required to run Patch My PC please verify you have internet connection and try again."

This is despite browsing on your site. I have rebooted and can browse the net as well as ping your site and google.ca.
The program used to work on the computer. I have installed Tuneup Utilities 2012 and this months updates from Microsoft since I last ran the program.

Try re-downloading version I just posted a update that should resolve this issue where Patch My PC doesn't close when using switches.


I will take a look tonight. Do you have the run Windows updates option checked on the machine it's running on? Thanks
This has been added in version
Kevin these programs have been added to version

No Problem

I'm not sure how RMM works I use SCCM. If you can run the program with a switch in RMM you shouldn't need to use a batch file.

/s should be fine for having PMPC apply updates silently.

Yes, it will only install needed updates.

Here's a link containing info about deploying PMPC http://patchmypc.net/forum/index.php?topic=16.0
Hey Kevin,

I will try to get this added in the next version if the programs support silent installs. Also the issue with real player not detecting is because if doesn't store the version like most other applications do in the registry. I will check to see if I can resolve this.


Quote from: Kevin on May 10, 2012, 06:51:15 PM

I would like to request that the following applications be added to PatchMyPC:


Thanks!  :)

Also, I have never received an update for Real Player through PatchMyPC even though it is supported.  If I check manually for updates there usually is one.  Could you take a look into this issue? Thanks.
Thanks for the Donation!

I agree with you on both of your suggestions! I've been really busy lately with other things, but I am planning on changing the progress bar to show the status of the download for each update.

If your good with photo editing feel free to put something together and post it on here for an icon :).

At some point when I have time; I'm planning on making some changes to the UI as well.

I'll take a look at this software later tonight will most likely be added in the next version.

Quote from: ollie on May 07, 2012, 05:54:57 AM
Any change of adding this to the possible te be updated list? The 32 and 64bits version? This one of those that get update frequently.



Hey in version 2.1.1 and above there will be a switch too apply all common updates (Even if their not installed) if a common update is marked as skipped the update won't be installed though.

The command line argument will be /applyallcommon



Quote from: naaitsab on April 21, 2012, 07:08:33 AM
Is it possible to create a switch that forces installation of all the common updates except the one marked as "skip" in the registry?

For example we have a clean install of Windows 7 64Bit;
User runs a small C# exe file (or .bat file) which writes the following to the registry:

RegKeyWrite = RegKeyWrite.CreateSubKey
("SOFTWARE\\Patch My PC");
RegKeyWrite.SetValue("PATH", "C:/PatchMyPC.exe");

RegKeyWrite = RegKeyWrite.CreateSubKey ("Options");
RegKeyWrite.SetValue("Language", "Dutch");
RegKeyWrite.SetValue("LogSaveLocation", @"C:\");
RegKeyWrite.SetValue("SkipAppleiTunes", "1");
RegKeyWrite.SetValue("SkipAppleQuicktime", "1");
RegKeyWrite.SetValue("SkipGoogleChrome", "1");
RegKeyWrite.SetValue("SkipMozillaFirefox", "1");
RegKeyWrite.SetValue("SkipOracleJREx64", "1");
RegKeyWrite.SetValue("SkipPiriformCCleaner", "1");
RegKeyWrite.SetValue("SkipSkype", "1");

So when PatchMyPc runs with the desired switch it will install:

-Adobe air
-Adobe reader

But because it's a clean installation none of these programs where installed before PatchMyPc was run, so if User runs the program with the same registry settings as above and the /Auto switch nothing is installed and PatchMyPc say's it's finished.

Any idea's of fixes for this?
Hmm those updates must be failing for some reason on your machine. Can you re run PMPC I just posted Skype 5.9. If it continues to fail click Options > Check Disable silent update.

This will allow you to manually perform the install and this should allow you to see whats causing the updates to fail.



The detection looks right all those versions you have installed are outdated.

The issue with wire shark downloading the 64 bit version should be resolved now!

Audacity has been updated!