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Definition version 24-Oct-2019 - Still shows Java 8 Update 221 as newest, but it isn't

Started by abqnm, October 24, 2019, 10:04:30 AM

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Java 8 Update 231 has been available since 15 October, causing Java to nag the users to download themselves, because PatchMyPC has Update 221 as the newest :'(.  This is the same for both x86 and x64 versions. 

How frequently are the apps in the database checked before a "new" definition file is issued?  This happened a few months ago too, lasting maybe ten days, but was resolved just as I went to report it.  Just wondering how long I should wait before reporting such discrepancies in the future?

Thanks for making updates simple!

Jacques Guillory

Because Java is licensed now, we need to have an official public mirror for the installer.  We were able to find one for 221 but it could be a while before we find one for 231.


Ah, ok. No worries. Thank you for the quick reply. Much appreciated.

I'll change Java to automatically download and inform users (my family and friends, basically) to just let it install when it nags.


Would it be possible to:
Within Java Control Panel, under update, set Notify me: to before installing. So it will download the update.
Than use that downloaded file for installation? Just if it is there, run the installation.

I can see java's temp file directory is %USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Sun

Don't know if that is where the files are kept.

If anyone happens to know where that download file is I can post a powershell script for it. Finding the installers would likely be most the time investment.