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Handbrake V1.1.0+ no longer supported on 32bit OS

Started by red, July 10, 2018, 11:36:50 AM

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Back in May I had trouble downloading and installing v1.1.0, reported it here, then next day it magically resolved, downloading and installing as expected. I did not, however, attempt run the program after install until the other day which ended quickly in error (screenshot #1)

Although not clear about dropping 32bit support in 1.1.0 it seems this was intended change in version 1.1.0, even though the installer allowed instal on 32bit OS (which I run Win7sp1 on this older desktop, linux on all else). Perhaps a note specifying works on 64bit OS only, with option to instal last known good version for 32bit which appears to be v1.0.7 would be useful for this popular program.

from the changelog, under Windows:  https://handbrake.fr/news.php
- Updated installer to block installation on 32-bit systems to avoid confusion (unsupported since 1.1.0)


from Handbrake forum, explains why 32bit was dropped and confirms 1.0.7 as last known good version. I still scratch my head as to how this local hardware is actually 32bit, sucks because desktop is (only;) 6 years old :P


"Re: HandBrake 1.1.1 Release Discussion.

Post by s55 ┬╗ Tue Jun 19, 2018 2:42 pm
32bit support was dropped with 1.1.0. Three main reasons:

1. We haven't been testing the 32bit build for nearly 2 years now so the build was becoming less stable with time since we weren't fixing issues that only crop up under 32bit.
2. Memory limitations of 32bit builds are becoming more of an issue. Having large numbers of people complaining of crashes with 1080p and more so, 4K content isn't a good use of our time.
3. Every CPU that's above our minimum supported hardware is 64bit. The vast majority of our users are running 64bit OS as well. For those that arn't, 1.0.7 is still available on the old downloads page. It'll still work, there just isn't any support on offer for that."

Omar (Patch My PC)

Yeah they dropped the 32-Bit support, we will see if we can add v1.0.7 for 32-Bit.


Thanks Omar. There's really nothing like it, at least 1.0.7 works good, for now..