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Java 8 Update 261 (x86) - bug

Started by rarnold, September 30, 2020, 10:09:28 AM

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Hi everythere,

Every time I start the program Java 8 Update 261 (x86) is identified as old version and patched, although the latest version is already installed.

Kind regards,

Ronald Arnold
IT Senior consultant

Omar (Patch My PC)

This usually means that you have an older update for Java installed with the latest one.
Check "Add/Remove Programs"


Hi Omar,

The error/problem/bug occurs on more than 10 production systems without an old JRE Java 8 Update 251 (x86) or earlier version.
The first thing I have checked: the software inventory under "Add/Remove Programs".
Everything is fine as I mentioned in my first message. Something goes wrong with the detection mechanism/algorithm.
Come on and keep in mind: I am not a newbie  ;D 8) 

Kind regards,

Ronald Arnold
IT senior consultant