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Opera updated in x86 mode, even if 64bit version was installed

Started by Martin2108, September 09, 2018, 02:34:37 PM

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I have Opera installed in x64 mode, but updates are in x86 mode on one of my machines (the other is updated correctly in the mode it was before).
Opera is shown as "Opera 55.0.2994.56 (x86)" instead of (x64), as on my other machine


Hi, I have the same problem on all of my three machines. Before installing Opera 64-bit, I had used Opera 32-bit. Although, Opera is installed now under "Program Files", and there is no Opera-folder under "Program Files (x86)" anymore, it seems that the information of the previous Opera 32-bit installation is still there, causing PMP to update Opera in x86 mode. Any idea how to fix that?