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Everything looks like it's back to normal. :D
Below is a photo I took of a customers machine I was working on which explains the issue perfectly. As you can see on the right there are 7 things in red, yet at the bottom it says update only 3. If we look on the left, all of the things in red except Adobe reader are unchecked. In all previous versions anything in red on the right would have also been automatically checked on the left.

Attached is what the issue is.

In previous versions if it detected an application but if it was up to date it would be listed as green on the right and green on the left. But now some things show up as red on the right and red on the left but unchecked. So on the right its saying skype needs to be updated, I would have to check it on the left.

But I did check my skype version and I do have the version 6.11.102 listed on the right, so is it not correctly detecting the versions? Or do we need a new color?

Skype is listing it as and you are looking for 6.11.102, maybe the issue?
Why are common updates unchecked by default? I hope this is a bug. As I usually tell customers to open up patchmypc and click the update button, not having to worry about checking the things in red on the left.

Today I was talking to a guy over the phone who called me regarding patchmypc on his desktop. As I was walking him through it it said "Install 2 updates" yet he had way more than 2 in the list (This was over the phone). I told him this doesn't make any since. So I had to log in and I said "That's weird, why aren't those checked!?" ...

So can you please make it so common updates are checked by default again?

Thanks! I was getting worried there for a bit!
The current Definition date says 10.05.13? When can we expect an update. Since then there has been a new

Thunderbird 24.1
Java 7 update 45
Adobe Reader 11.0.5
iTunes 11.1.2
Macrium Reflect Free 5.2.6427

Who knows what else. We REALLY need these definitions updated.
I agree! I want this feature SOOoooo bad, it would save me lots of  time!
It would be really neat if I could do the following

1) Run Patchmypc from a folder on my USB drive in a mode in which it doesn't install, just downloads the ALL the installation files to the folder patchmypc is located in for every application or just the ones that are checked. Then every time I run it I can grab the latest updates
2) Then when I run Patchmypc from the USB it checks to see if the install files are local in the patchmypc.exe folder. if they are, no download is required and installs straight from USB.

That would be soooo nice.
I would really like the feature, where patchmypc would automatically update it's self if a new version is released when patchmypc runs in silent mode with the /s.
I just ran patchmypc after I went from windows 8 back to a windows 7 image. It had to updates quite a few applications. Once Malwarebytes finished updating....BOOM... the computer started to shut down and reboot.
I will the next time it happens.
Patchmypc does not suppress the reboot of windows on a few updates. I'm pretty sure one is Malwarebytes. Not sure what the other one is. But after installing a hand full of updates when remotely connected, I notice the computer will proceed to shut down and reboot (and disconnect me). It's annoying. So take a look at malwarebytes, I think that is one that does it.
Would it be at all possible to write this in something other than the Windows dotnet framework.?

Here is my issue

Because it requires the dotnet framework 2.0, it doesn't always run on Windows XP machines. Only the XP machines it will run on are ones that have the dotnet framework 2.0 installed.

On windows 7 it runs great because it's built in.

Now on windows 8 I went to run the app last night, and it prompted me to install the dotnet framework  2.0 before your application would even open. So on windows 8 I had to wait 10 mins before I could even use your product.

Now in this case I just waited until it was done. But in the case of using your application in the future on W8 machines this could become quite annoying.

If you can't rewrite it without dotnet could you updated it so it only requires dotnet 4.0 instead of 2.0. That would probably solve the windows 8 issue.
I was running patchmypc on a customers machine and I noticed there was a misspelled word in the "do you want to remove java dialog box" the very last word in the box which I think is "Programs" is misspelled
I recently came across your software via Neowin.net when they had you in their software News section. I have since tried it out and have recommend Patch My PC to the entire Neowin community. You can find the thread link below


There are only 2 things I can see being improved upon. First off is the status bar on the bottom of the application that goes back and forth to show activity. I think it would be better used to show the process of the current downloading application. It would be nice to know where in the download process the (for example) 50MB Adobe Acrobat file is .

I think you might also want to consider changing the program icon. While there is technically nothing wrong with it, malware has pretty much ruined the credibility of an icon with a green shield with a white check mark :)

That's all I have for now. Patch My PC is a god sent to anyone who is in the computer repair field that needs a 1 click solution to update systems on their repair bench, which otherwise took a while.

Thank you for a great product and I've also donated!