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This bug is still present in the latest version.
Sorry, you are right my bad. Plus the app was already up to date .. only happens with out of date apps. Here is a better example.

On my computer ccleaner was out of date

So I then uninstall it, and as you can see it's not running in memory, then I click rescan and it disappears from the right but stays checked on the left. Now even though it's not on the right, if I were to click the update button it would reinstall the app.

Notice how it says install 3 updates even though 2 are listed in red?
As a quick test, I installed CPU-z ... then uninstalled it. Made sure it wasn't running in the background, rescanned after unintsall, it was removed from the right, stayed yellow on the left.
This bug has been present for quite a while

How to recreate

After opening patchmypc it will detect (for example) Syncbackfree and show it as Red on the right and yellow and checked on the left.  Leaving patchmypc open and uninstalling Syncback free, when going back to patchmpc and clicking "rescan" it disappears from the right, but stays yellow and checked on the left.
I've attached a screenshot to show the 360 total security issue. Sorry for the crappy quality. I had to resize it smaller to fit under the file size requirement for attachments.

I also found another issue today. I opened Patchmypc. It said I had out of date applications, one of which was itunes. I left patchmypc open updated itunes using the apple updater and then hit rescan on patchmypc and it turned green. But when I hit perform updats it started downloading itunes.
I've noticed this bug a few times,

The bug happens when (for example) you open patchmypc and Java shows up in red on the right. But you realize you don't need java anymore. so you proceed to uninstall it.

After it's uninstalled click refresh in patchmypc and it disappears from the right column but stays checked on the left column. You think it's gone from the right until you click on the update button it then proceeds to update java anyway.

One more bug I noticed is the 360 total secure bug, where no matter what it always shows up in red on the right.
I've also been seeing this a lot. Once just a few mins ago when updating my tablet with the latest version of Patchmypc.
The Search box.

The search box is very frustrating. If you click in the box the words "Search Apps" goes away. But if your moves out of the box the words search Apps returns and you end up typing in front of it.

360 Total Security.

If you already have the current version installed, it stays red and tries to reinstall it. if you have 360 Total Security Essentials it gets detected by patchmypc as the other version "360 Total Security" and tries to install it.

Adobe Reader DC and Itunes.

Every time Install either of those applications, the automatic updater associated with each application always finds a new version available after installation with patchmypc
For the last week adobe flash for both IE and firefox will not download in PatchMyPC
Well one feature that would be killer (great) would be to have a mode in which patchmypc doesn't install but just downloads the file to a directory. Then when run on a pc and if the directory is located on a USB stick it checks that directory for the updates instead of downloading them from the internet.
Can you release a tool which allows us to create our own custom definition file. With all the latest updates.
Any news on when the next definition update will be released to add the new version of malwarebytes and new versions of flash and other updated software?

I think there is new versions of the following

cdburner xp
Macrium Refect
Security Essentials

That's just what i've seen updated when running Ketarin.
The problem goes like this

Open patchmypc  and see Java in the Red on the right. I think oh, java is installed, I don't want that on this computer. So I leave patchmypc open and uninstall it. Then I come back refresh the list and it's gone from the right. I think oh good, lets update. But then I realize that although it left the list on the right it remained checked on the left. Then Patchmypc reinstalls it.
Quote from: Justin on December 28, 2013, 12:06:00 PM
Please update to and let me know if this should not check a common item that was manually unchecked.

Looks like it's working.
While it looked like the previous problem I reported about common updates not being selected by default has been fixed it looks like the fix caused a new bug. This time if you uncheck a common update (example iTunes), when you click on preform update it automatically checks the unchecked common update and starts to download it.