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I recommend Shotcut - Powerful video editing software - has NSIS based installer and should be
able to install itselves silently
They are probably still partying and have not yet noticed that the XML definition file is corrupt or not available. :) 8)
PatchMyPC download the (wrong) x86 version and renamed it to "...x64...". Visual Code Update in c:\program files failed with error: can not update x64 bit program with the x86 version.
An existing German Thunderbird x64 version will be overwritten (i.e. updated) by the US-x64 version despite "German" settings.
Hi Omar,

The error/problem/bug occurs on more than 10 production systems without an old JRE Java 8 Update 251 (x86) or earlier version.
The first thing I have checked: the software inventory under "Add/Remove Programs".
Everything is fine as I mentioned in my first message. Something goes wrong with the detection mechanism/algorithm.
Come on and keep in mind: I am not a newbie  ;D 8) 

Kind regards,

Ronald Arnold
IT senior consultant
Hi everythere,

Every time I start the program Java 8 Update 261 (x86) is identified as old version and patched, although the latest version is already installed.

Kind regards,

Ronald Arnold
IT Senior consultant
Dear colleagues,

WinMerge-2.16.6-x64-Setup.exe or WinMerge-2.16.6-x86-Setup.exe is available for DL
and it fixes a couple of bugs. Should be supported by PatchMyPC because it is a very handy
and common tool in the developer and IT power user community


Ronald, CIO ivdk.org
Hi Justin,

me again ;-)

something went wrong downloading and updating the irfanview software:

Patch My PC | Definitions: 15-May-2019 | 16.05.2019 11:40:03
Download URL: https://patchmypc.com/scupcatalog/updates/irfanview/iview453_x64_setup.exe
Failed to get download information for IrfanView 4.53 (x64) Download URL: https://patchmypc.com/scupcatalog/updates/irfanview/iview453_x64_setup.exe
Patch My PC Update Complete 16.05.2019 11:40:05

Regards Ronald
3rd level support engineer
Hi everybody,

something went wrong download and updating the OC client software:

Patch My PC | Definitions: 12-May-2019 | 13.05.2019 10:53:28

Killing process ownCloud.exe for ownCloud based on user input
Download URL: https://download.owncloud.com/desktop/stable/ownCloud-
Downloading ownCloud (33,64 MB)
Download Path: D:\ivdkware\PatchMyPCITProCache\ownCloud
ownCloud Downloaded Successfully
Install Command: /S
Installing ownCloud Silently
ownCloud Failed to start installation of D:\ivdkware\PatchMyPCITProCache\ownCloud
Deleted corrupt installer: D:\ivdkware\PatchMyPCITProCache\ownCloud

Patch My PC Update Complete 13.05.2019 10:53:49

Regards Ronald
3rd level support engineer